Have you ever bough a top that you paid £5 or less and it wasn’t in charity shop? Did you briefly think “Geeeshh it’s so cheap!”. Maybe for a moment you wondered how it can be possible that it’s so cheap but it’s not uncommon so the thought gets replaced with “Bargaiiinn” and you might even jump a little from happiness. Shopping is a little like drugs or doughnuts, its immediate gratification and we get hit by a surge of dopamine. No wonder it’s called retail therapy. But it fades right? By the time that you get home you feel no different than before you got did your shopping and probably next week you might not even remember exactly what you got. The pros are feeling good for a little bit but at what cost? Continue reading

Bicycle Kitchens – Low Impact Living Info

At the end of my second year of university I was depressed and suddenly it was the holidays and I didn’t have university work to distract me so I had to do something and fast. I started volunteering at three different places, Oxfam books, Oxfam music and

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Can you spot me ?

Reading Bicycle Kitchen. The first two I had know about before but RBK I hadn’t, I had cycled past it but didn’t really know what they were about. I went in to borrow a bike pump and then asked what they were. They are a not for profit community project that helps the community to get cycling by making it accessible and affordable. I then asked if I could volunteer and they said yes! For me to come any Tuesday for an induction…it took several Continue reading

Repair Cafes – Low Impact Living Info


I first found out about repair cafes when I was volunteering for The Reading Bicycle Kitchen (soon doing a blog post on RBK!).  Their name is pretty self explanatory, you take in objects from clothes to computers to get help in fixing them. Their objective is to prolong an objects life so that it doesn’t have to go to landfill and another products isn’t needed to replace it, so less stuff going to landfill and less resources used! And what makes them so accessible is that they are free! Continue reading

Plastic recycling machine!

When a fellow volunteer from Reading Bicycle Kitchen reached out to tell me about his new machine I was instantly captivated. For those that follow me on social media know that plastic pollution is a subject that I am very passionate about! He developed the prototype in his own time and with no funding. The machine takes plastic such as bottles and under high pressure and heat gives the plastic a new life into plant pots that show the history of where it came from through its wavy pattern of different colours of plastic. The machine only uses the energy that is used in making two cups of tea!

It is designed to be very easy to operate so that it can be used in remote areas without expertise or expensive tools. I talk all the time about the importance of first reducing our plastic use, however there is a lot of plastic literally floating about. This machine would create a solution of producing a product that is useful whilst using a material that would otherwise pollute AND these products can be sold, traded or used within the community.

“I have developed the prototype machine entirely in my own time with no external funding. I now need to raise money to build a full sized version. I am already working with several NGOs running projects in Africa and have provided them with moulds for making things such as wall tiles from waste plastic. I am aware of many projects, particularly in rural areas, where this machine is needed.”

By backing this project you could also receive a flower pot made from recycled plastic!

Click righhhttt here to go to the Crowdfunding page.

Equal rights

In the UK we have until tomorrow to fill out the survey on The Gender Recognition  Act. Thank you to Maë from @maeceramics on Instagram for brining this to my attention. This is highly important because it will be used to secure new vital rights for trans, intersex and non binary people.

Maë also pointed me to a really good resource because having cis privilege means that I don’t really know what is going on with the current act and what are the rights that are needed so the guidelines are in the link below have helped me to word things better and make sure I’m not fudging things up with good intentions.


And to do the actual survey this is the link:


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I am sure like you might always be looking to see where you can make a difference and here is really important chance to add our voice for the better. And we only have until tomorrow so do it today because if you’re anything like me you’ll say you’ll do it tomorrow and then it’ll be Saturday morning and you’ll wake up and say SHit!

Act today and make a difference!

The Guilty feminists, Publishers launch party and my first Cube

So in the past week a lot has happened. By chance I saw that someone was reselling their Guilty Feminist tickets so I got them for a good price and it was an amazing night which I will write more about on another post, as well as how wonderful Liminal 11’s launch party was. All of it has been amazing, I even did my first Cube of truth on Saturday (I was late but I got there!).

The only problem is that I am not so good, I had depression all throughout my final year of university and since then I have been a bit on the anxious side. Kind of waiting for it to just creep back in. Ergo I have read quite a lot of self help books, tried to do lots of Continue reading

Fracking has started in the UK

I can’t believe that this is happening when only last week the IPCC report came out telling us to pooping panic and now the UK government has given the green light for Cuadrilla to start fracking in Lancashire.

This is all poop. Right now or really yesterday or several decades ago we should have started to reduce our emissions through being stricter on companies, through subsidising renewable energy. Imposing tax on car usage and yes a lot of these measure would slow down GDP but what does wealth matter without a healthy planet. Why do we humans have to get to the shittiest personal point before we will do anything. Over the past decade I have witnessed the increase in frequency and intensity of flooding in the UK and other natural events such as hurricanes and drought in other countries.

Can we please panic a little without the necessity of humans and animals to suffer or die.

Please sign the petition set up by Friends of the Earth HERE.