Veganuary Blog 1 – finding your why

Hello and happy new year! So you might be here because you are doing veganuary or maybe you are just curious about veganism. Either way, welcome! Like with anything in life that you want to do it is important to find the WHY of what you are setting out to do. Outlining a strong why at the beginning is important because often in our journey we can get derailed and forget our initial intention or goal. Having a strong why will make the whole journey a lot easier as you will feel more confident in your decisions and it’ll be more plain sailing. An example is: you decided to be vegan because of the animals and you’ve been fully vegan for two whole weeks, however the Easter holidays have come and you have to visit your family and you’re not looking forward to it due to the teasing that has already started, having a WHY clearly outlined in your mind will make the potentially tough interactions much more manageable as the why of you being vegan isn’t for everyone else to see your point but its about the animals, you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone and you can just carry on in your journey.

There are three main reasons why people go vegan; the animals, our planet, their health or a combination.

How might you find your WHY?

Learn as much as you can. Maybe you are a person that prefers to read blogs, in that case search questions around the things that you care the most such as “why are eggs not vegan” and find out about farming practices or “why is veganism good for the planet”.

When I first went vegan I mostly searched things or watched youtube videos. Some of my favourite youtube channels:

Erin Janus
Mic the vegan
Nutrition facts

Documentaries (For the animals): Earthling (free to watch), Dominion (free to watch)
Documentaries (For the planet): Cowspiracy (on Netflix)
Documentaries (For your health): What the health (on netflix), Fork over knifes (on Netflix)
…extras which are not documentaries but I feel still have the vegan ethos: Babe (1995) movie and Okja (2018) netflix movie.

Originally my WHY was the animals but after watching What the health, Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy and doing lots of research, I am vegan for all of it!

Let me know of other good resources you might know off and also what other topics you would like me to cover.

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