Thoughtful Christmas Gift Giving

So we already covered the true meaning of Christmas in my last blog post. If you find out that gift giving is you jam and you just love giving presents and seeing the other persons face light up but are not sure about how to go about giving gifts that won’t cost the earth as the earth is in a bit of a pickle at the moment, then worry not as that is what I am here for!

First, write a list of all the people you want to give a gift too. Then prioritise the most to you. In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to do this but time and resources are limited so we have to exercise a level of practicality.. Write the name of the person you want give a gift to and do a mind dump of any words that comes into your head when you think about them. 

Here is a very quick one if I was to give a gift to myself :
Mustard yellow, community tv show, dinosaurs, cuteness, cats, dogs, animals doing cute things, vegan, feminism, food, adventures.

By doing this your brain will sort through a lot of information that you have about that person and it can help you to come up with a thoughtful gift idea. Once you have the idea or ideas then comes the making it come true bit. 

  • a doodle or drawing that has meaning to the recipient.
  • favourite baked goods such as cookies with a little note with the favourite actor/activist/animal with instructions on how to freeze them so that if they have a lot of food that needs to get eaten over christmas they won’t go to waste.
  • donation in their name to their favourite charity. 
  • experiences: make handmade coupons for their favourite vegan restaurant or gift your time and skills such as. 
  • up cycled gifts – turning a jam jar into a pot for a succulent baby plant, using scraps of fabric to create a book bag for a book lover. 
  • For the friend who is interested in zero waste: Mini taster zero waste kit: take samples of things that you already own and put them in small up cycled containers so that they get to try products without having to make the initial investment and you could also include a handmade zero waste guide with your favourite instagramers/bloggers/youtubers and a list of resources such as where you locally buy your zero waste essentials or if you make them, the recipe that you use. 

Finally ask yourself whether the recipient will need or find joy in the gift that you are giving them. 

Alternative you can always ask your loved ones what they would like for Christmas. They can be specific such as a certain t-shirt or restaurant that they’ve had their eye for a while or they can just tell you that they need a new planner/mug/socks and that you can choose which one and that way there is still an element of surprise. Another option is to get them to make a list with a bunch of books and things that they want/need and you buy the books that you can find in a second hand book shop and/or items. 

Do you have any tips for the upcoming gift giving festivities?

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Previous Christmas blog post about what Christmas is really about here

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