What Christmas is about

Christmas is not about fancy gifts. Christmas is about whatever is close to your heart, maybe it’s family maybe it is spending time with your friends or maybe it’s a welcomed break from work where you can watch your favourite movies and recharge your batteries. But sometimes that personal meaning can get lost because we get bombarded with what companies want your Christmas to be like. We see it in adverts where it is heavily suggested that if you care about your loved ones then treating them to expensive jewellery is THE way to show them that love this Christmas. We see when we go into town and everywhere there are people with giant shopping bags and giant boxes. We see it portrayed in tv shows and movies. But that is not the reality. Yes gift giving is fun and it is nice to receive a thoughtful gift, but gifts and buying stuff is not essential. They shouldn’t be what we rely on to feel the Christmas spirit, the should be optional and not forced upon us with the message that if we don’t buy into all the stuff then we are somehow doing Christmas wrong. 

Like Abed from Community says 

“The meaning of Christmas is the idea that Christmas has meaning. And it can mean whatever we want.”

Abed realising the true meaning of Christmas 

Maybe you don’t realise what your true meaning of Christmas is and that’s ok, we don’t have to have a definitive idea. Think back to when you are happiest, what does that look like? Are you out in nature on a hike, are you cuddling up in your sofa with a spiced hot chocolate and a good book or movie? Maybe make a list of things that are important to you, journalling is a great way to sort through our thoughts and emotions when it comes to any topic, so why not Christmas. After all Christmas is painted as a very jolly time of the year where we put a lot of pressure to be in a certain way and feel in a certain way but sometimes this pressure coming up to Christmas can leave us feeling underwhelmed just like Abed initially felt until he realised his true meaning of Christmas. What I am trying to say is that for a lot of people Christmases can be hard and when we are surrounded by social media and just the world in general it can feel overwhelming and like we are not doing Christmas “right”. But there is no right way. Christmases come in all shapes and forms and they are not all suited for everyone. 

Thank you for getting up to here and soon in my instagram I will be asking people to share what their Christmases look like and the more unconventional the better. 

My next Christmas blog post will be about thoughtful and conscious gift giving. 

It is a grey Monday morning over here but just a little above the clouds the sun is shining strong. So even though I am not seeing it right now, I know its there and that is reassuring. Sending sun shine rays to where ever you are and I hope you have a good start to the week and remember that if you haven’t had a good start then you have the power to hit that restart button any time! 



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