Body hair, weddings and progress

29 November

It’s been a while since I posted a hairy diaries post.

I feel like I have come far in my body acceptance journey but I’m also learning that I still have far to go and that it’s ok. The reason I started this journey is to be kinder to myself and to love myself as I am. And right now I have a wedding tomorrow which I contemplated not shaving my armpits for but the thought of dancing about and waving my arms in the air like I just don’t care filled me with anxiety. And I thought why put myself through anxiety? Instead, be proud that I have come this far but also be kind to myself that I live in a world were women get shamed and looked at weird when they don’t have perfectly unhairy pits and other areas of the body that naturally have hair.

So I will be shaving them or even epilating them because I won’t be shaving them until probably the next wedding next year and I like more how they grown out when they have not been shaved.

I wish I was at the stage that I didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought of my hairy armpits but I accept that I’m not there yet.

Day of the wedding.

Realised wedding was much earlier than anticipated and the reality of using my epilatitor on my armpits after months and months terrified me. From years of hair removal experience hair removal from the roots gets a tiny bit easier the more frequently you do it and I feel like after leaving my hair alone for a while my follicles get comfy and snug so when I go to epilate they go NO.

So I decided to shave and I wasn’t as precious as I used to be in the sense that I used to shave as close as possible so that my armpits appeared as if to have not even a suggestion that hair grew there.

One week later:

My armpits burned and got a bit of a rash as my skin is uber sensitive and although my natural deodorant is mild having shaved meant that my skin got easily iterated. I was proud that not only did I not shave my legs, I also didn’t succumbed to the expectation that formal event equals high heels. At times I did feel self conscious about my leg hair and wanted to look down but I didn’t and these insecure moments were numbered.

Have you had a feminist week or a guilty feminist week? (If you don’t get this reference I highly recommend you go listen to the hundreds of free podcast episodes of the Guilty Feminists, it’s all about how we are feminists but in a non feminist world and the outcomes of this)

Let me know if you’ve got any hair questions and I’ll try and answer them ^^ 

Have a good week,


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