What is wrong with wool – LOW IMPACT LIVING INFO

We have this image of happy sheep happily grazing and then a nice person shaves off their excess wool. This might be the case in a very small percentage of the worlds production of wool. But it is not the case for the majority of wool. Sheep have been selectively bred over years to have more skin folds which means more surface and more wool. This can cause flies to lay eggs (specially around the rectum) in their folds and once they are born the maggots can eat their way out, to stop this the industry sometimes uses a method called MULESING which is removing skin and flesh from between the hindquarters. This is normally done with the sheep restrained and with no anaesthesia.

Workers are paid by volume and not by hour so they rush the shearing which can lead to cuts and even pieces of flesh being removed such as ears, sheep are then stitched up without anaesthesia. Excess force is used is frequently used to hold down the sheep. Moreover other practises such as dock tailing, castration, ear tagging are performed just like in the meat industry. Once the production of wool declines the sheep have to travel long journeys to then be slaughtered. 

Dall sheep naturally shed their skin just like all sheep used to do before humans interfered for the benefit of money. 

As a new vegan you might wonder what to do with the items you already own. I personally have kept mine but some people donate them to charity or even animal sanctuaries. 

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