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I first found out about repair cafes when I was volunteering for The Reading Bicycle Kitchen (soon doing a blog post on RBK!).  Their name is pretty self explanatory, you take in objects from clothes to computers to get help in fixing them. Their objective is to prolong an objects life so that it doesn’t have to go to landfill and another products isn’t needed to replace it, so less stuff going to landfill and less resources used! And what makes them so accessible is that they are free!

Martine Postma initiated the non for profit organisation in 18th Oct 2009 in Amsterdam and now there are over 1500 Repair Cafes all over the world.

How does it work?

  1. find you local Repair Cafe by clicking here
  2. If you don’t find one near you why don’t you start one? Info on how to do so is in their website.
  3. Find location and time
  4. Turn up and bring the object that you want to fix
  5. You will find helpful volunteers that have experience in all sorts of areas.
  6. You can always just turn up for a cup of tea and a biscuit and maybe even help someone else if you don’t have anything to fix!

If it’s something something in particular that you’re not sure whether they will be able to help you then contact your local Repair Cafe and enquire.

Repair Cafes are awesome places where people can meet and community cohesion can be created. Not only that but they are changing peoples perspective of how in our society it has gotten easier to throw something away than to repair.

Like the Minimalist said in their documentary. We are not materialistic enough in the true meaning of the word. We like what objects make us be perceived by the world but we don’t truly cherish our possessions because if we did then we would look after them better and they wouldn’t be so easily replaced by the next sassier object that comes along.

Have you ever been to a Repair Cafe? If so please share your experiences on how it went. And if you haven’t then have you fixed something that made you really proud of yourself?



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