Plastic recycling machine!

When a fellow volunteer from Reading Bicycle Kitchen reached out to tell me about his new machine I was instantly captivated. For those that follow me on social media know that plastic pollution is a subject that I am very passionate about! He developed the prototype in his own time and with no funding. The machine takes plastic such as bottles and under high pressure and heat gives the plastic a new life into plant pots that show the history of where it came from through its wavy pattern of different colours of plastic. The machine only uses the energy that is used in making two cups of tea!

It is designed to be very easy to operate so that it can be used in remote areas without expertise or expensive tools. I talk all the time about the importance of first reducing our plastic use, however there is a lot of plastic literally floating about. This machine would create a solution of producing a product that is useful whilst using a material that would otherwise pollute AND these products can be sold, traded or used within the community.

“I have developed the prototype machine entirely in my own time with no external funding. I now need to raise money to build a full sized version. I am already working with several NGOs running projects in Africa and have provided them with moulds for making things such as wall tiles from waste plastic. I am aware of many projects, particularly in rural areas, where this machine is needed.”

By backing this project you could also receive a flower pot made from recycled plastic!

Click righhhttt here to go to the Crowdfunding page.

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