Fracking has started in the UK

I can’t believe that this is happening when only last week the IPCC report came out telling us to pooping panic and now the UK government has given the green light for Cuadrilla to start fracking in Lancashire.

This is all poop. Right now or really yesterday or several decades ago we should have started to reduce our emissions through being stricter on companies, through subsidising renewable energy. Imposing tax on car usage and yes a lot of these measure would slow down GDP but what does wealth matter without a healthy planet. Why do we humans have to get to the shittiest personal point before we will do anything. Over the past decade I have witnessed the increase in frequency and intensity of flooding in the UK and other natural events such as hurricanes and drought in other countries.

Can we please panic a little without the necessity of humans and animals to suffer or die.

Please sign the petition set up by Friends of the Earth HERE.


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