Cow’s milk bad for humans

As a kid growing up I got told to eat dairy products for my bones, by my parents but also by my school teaching the food groups and dairy was one of them. This combined with the fact that everyone I knew consumed dairy meant that I never really questioned it but I ask you to question it right now:

How can the milk of another species be good for us? Milk that is designed to help them grown and put on body mass. 

Scientific studies show that milk consumption has been linked with higher chance of hip fracture. Click here for the scientific study.

And another study shows that: “High milk intake was associated with higher mortality” . For women risk of cardiovascular disease was increased as well as cancer.

A common myth is the that we need milk for calcium, this is simply not true. Up until recently there were Asian cultures that consumed no dairy products and their health was better than western population. We simply don’t need the milk of another species and the only person that benefits from this myth is the dairy industry. We can get all the calcium that we need from plants.

Ok so not only is milk bad for our health but it is also bad for cows. Cows are like humans in that they only produce milk if they have a baby calf so in the dairy industry the calf is removed from its mother in the first couple of days and if you want to have a good cry google baby cow being taken from mom. Or simply click here or here for a mum chasing her baby.

click here for a video on when the mom get reunited with her baby.

If a dairy cow gives birth to a male he gets killed for meat and if its a female then she will be raised to be a dairy cow but if she doesn’t yield enough milk she will also be killed. Her mother will also get killed at four years old when her natural life span is 20 years. Reason for getting slaughtered 16 years prematurely is because they get treated horribly and often go lame or they simply don’t produce as much as they did before and they are no longer profitable.


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