Lino printing makes me happy


As an artist and a maker I am always assessing where I should be focusing my efforts, shall I make more art, more t-shirt or find biodegradable stickers?!? This can be very tiring and often I don’t think its very efficient. I have to remind myself that I can do anything I want but not everything. Recently I have been thinking about how much I enjoy lino printing and how sometimes I get swept along what other people are doing and forget about what I love to do so I have been thinking about doing an etsy shop that is solely selling my lino prints. Not completely sure about it yet but I think it might be a good idea as I feel that my lino prints have a slightly different style to my other art.

Also I don’t think I mentioned here but I am going to start doing a series for a little linocut dog called Moss. Moss stays the same but its surrounding change with each new print. dog in nature

Moss number one is already on my etsy store!

Let me know if you have other ideas on where Moss can go to next!





tee and tote shop          Qitiji Shop       Qitiji does youtube            Facebook             Instagram





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