Zero waste tooth care

One of the first ever zero waste swaps I did was a bamboo toothbrush. For years my mum and I were baffled on why toothbrushes with re placeable heads didn’t exist. So happy that there are now a multitude of different brands that sell eco toothbrushes.

For more on my zero waste bathroom products watch my fun video 🙂

Lamazuna Shampoo at HETU

Laughing bird face cream at MOTHER EARTH shop

face and hair tone spray WWW.READ-THE-LABEL.CO.UK

Mouthwash by Hydrophil from my local ZW stall OUR LAST STRAW

Moisturiser from NEW HAVEN PROJECT


Looking forward to sharing more about my zero waste/low impact living.

Also don’t forget that for only this weekend there’s free uk shipping at my teemill store! So get those tees and totes while they are hot!

tee and tote shop          Qitiji Shop       Qitiji does youtube            Facebook             Instagram



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