My favourite art youtubers!

The lovely Fran! She is just a bundle of joy that makes the most pleasing and just fuzzy feeling videos ever. She also talks about REAL TALK subjects like struggling with feeling like enough.

The woman with the hoody. Robin Sealark. Not only is she hilarious but also very informative and always makes me feel better if I am feeling a bit cruddy about my work.

The woman with silver hair and two cute doggies. Holly Exley. I sometimes get very anxious and having found Holly I feel just that little bit less alone that makes a huge difference. Hearing someone explain the same struggles that you have reduces those feelings of alienation and self deprecating thoughts that just fuel the depression loop. So thank you Holly!

Minnie Small. Just like the other lovely women in this post she has a lot of practical advice and is also super chill.

Anna Akana. Anna Akana has been in my life for a while now and although she doesn’t make art as in painting things or whatever, she makes art through her videos and she mega creative. She teaches me about work ethic, about overcoming struggles and she also teaches me general life lessons that make me feel better and when I’m better my art reflects it.

Annnndd incase you didn’t know I also have a youtube channel and if you’re interested here is my channel —> Qitiji Youtube 


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