Change of direction

So I have been pondering a whole lot. I am having to reassess my whole business because I am simply not making enough to sustain me and the funds that I had that I saved up from my previous jobs are dwindling (it took me more googling than I care to admit to find the correct spelling for that word! I originally spelt it like so: didling).  If you think about it it’s a weird word, it has wind in the middle of it!

Anyway back to being serious or just not silly. I find that I put a lot of time in thinking about content that I am going to post on my instagram and I have realised that I have sort of become too engrossed in being active on social media. And the reason I have just realised that I do this, is because I feel comfortable with it. It’s an almost tangible way of me feeling like I’m doing something and I have success on it because I have lovely followers and it is so rewarding. However I need to push myself more in regards to approaching shops to stock my prints and t-shirt, booking markets and just generally finding more streams of income because alas instagram doesn’t pay.

So you might be seeing less post by me but I am still here and trying to make Qitiji successful in the long run.

If you know of any shops/cafes that you feel might stock my art please let me know or even if you’ve got some tips or advice for me please email me on

Thank you for all your support,



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