Red Box Project – #endperiodpoverty


I have been following The Red Box Project on Instagram and love what they are doing. I found out about it when one of the pottery cafe insta accounts said that they were a drop off point and I thought what a wonderful idea. It is sad that even here in the UK a country that is wealthy, there are people with periods that go without school simply because they can’t afford it. Having a vagina shouldnt cost you or inhibit you in going about your life. 

Entering into a new phase of your life is hard enough, who doesn’t remember vividly the first time that they got their period and being like WTF. 

The Red Box Project have drop off points all over London where people can drop off period products and then they get redistributed to schools so that no child has to miss out on education, their future, their friendships because of something that happens to half the world population. 

I have wanted to find out how to get involved and find somewhere that would be a drop off point in Reading and then the other day I walked into my local library and BAM there it was. A lovely red box! Also as a side note I just love the simplicity of the red box 😻. 

Find out if there’s a RBP drop off point near you and take some pads with you. And if there isn’t maybe you have a friend who has a cafe/shop/place that is open to the public and can act as RBP drop off point! 

Here all the links!


Qitiji does youtube        tee and tote shop          Qitiji Shop           Facebook             Instagram


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