My thoughts don’t define me

12/08/2018 Sunday

So this week has been a little hard. And by a little I mean a lot. 

Wednesday I had one the most rollercoaster day I’ve had in what seems a long time. It took me right back to my final year of uni where I was depressed and that’s scary. It felt like I couldn’t trust myself to just live my life and just trust in life. I felt like at any moment BAM life could be like SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER haha you thought you were happy and leading a balanced life wellllllllllllllll … (evil tapping of the fingers) 

Thankfully later that same day I got a tiny cramp! It was my bodies way of saying hey it’s alright, it’s just hormones because you’re period is about to arrriiivvee (it finally arrived today Sunday). Knowing made me feel better and not so anxious but I still felt really shitty. Like I did nearly everything in my list of things to do when down and although for a bit I felt better it was only temporary. 

Thursday I woke up feeling so so, so I decided that I need to take a mental health day and I told myself, no work. I decided it was a day to just be with myself and try just cope and that’s what I did. I de cluttered a bit because that always has the power to make me feel better. 

I also painted and drew but it was for me, not because I needed to post on my Instagram or because I need to create for my businesses. And I think my mind and body really responded well to me saying hey right now we need to get through these hard days and you’re my number one priority and I’m gonna look after you. 

First day of my period is always accompanied by terrible cramps so I only recently got out of bed and thankfully I had left over food from yesterday so I had lunch for breakfast and lunch mmhh I guess that’s brunch. 

Sorry for my absence and I will be back with a vengeance!


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