Wisdom tooth recovery – Week off blog

Tuesday 17

Today I woke up a bit better. It might have been because I slept propped up with pillows at a 45 degree angle or maybe I’m just healing. I had a GP appointment at 9:30, I wanted to ask about PCOS because I have recently found about it and I have some of the symptoms of it. It is also said to be very common and I’m in journey of learning more about myself, not only psychologically but also physically. I have horrible periods and only until I went vegan did they become regular. I also feel that I am hairier than normal and maybe this is just because I have never known another woman in real life as hairy as I am but maybe I have and because they religiously shave, pluck, wax etc I just don’t notice. The doctor was very nice and she organised for me to have the tests needed to find out whether I have PCOS, I will have to wait until my next period to this which would have been right now but because of the stress of the wisdom teeth removal my period decided to sorta disappear and be weird so hey ho what can you do. 

What I also found out at the appointment was that since last thursday I have lost 5kg due to painful mouth and decrease in appetite also due to just being in pain. I am not someone who losses weight very easily or gains it so it came as a surprise as I naively thought that because I was eating smoothies and food here and there somehow my body was getting enough. Clearly this isn’t so and also explains why I have felt so weak lately and it might also explain the headache that I have had since Thursday.  So I went to sainsbury’s and bought some tofurky sausages, tofu and hummus. All food that we normally don’t buy because they come in plastic but at the moment with my soft food restrictions plus low appetite things I can eat are restricted so my health comes first over trying to be awesome at being zero waste. Its not so much that my appetite has disappeared but I just crave things that I cant have like a big juicy Big V burger or a chicken burger from Mildreds or the terry vegan sandwich from Shed. 

I am up to here with soups and smoothies and my mum gave me the idea of tofu so I decided to make huevos pericos!! vegan style!! basically onions, spring onions, cherry toms, tofu, turmeric, salt and a little bit of cumin. 

If anyone has any ideas of soft hearty but not liquid food please let me know! 

Wednesday 18 

-taken from my journal-
Since having my wisdom teeth removed I have been feeling very emotional and fragile. The pain is very annoying plus my general energy has been very low physically and emotionally hence I often feel on the verge of tears and/or lightheaded.

It makes me realise how for granted I normally take my health. Yes I practise gratitude but often with a slightly teenage attitude of like well of course I’m thankful for my health but not really grasping what it actually means. And I guess until just now when I started writing down my feelings I was also taking my health for granted as I was just focusing on what is not going right with my body and forgetting about the other awesome things my body is doing right now.

I wrote this whilst I had a lovely hot chocolate at one of my favourite cafes SHED. I also wrote down things I wanted to get done that day and ideas for future art.

Thursday 19

Yesterday afternoon and evening was spent in a lot of pain, if felt like pressure kept building where my wisdom teeth used to be. I reluctantly took painkillers as I have been taking them for a while and I was hoping I could just power through the pain but alas I am not a powerranger. I ate scramble tofu for breakfast lunch and dinner. I watched queer eye youtube video with Adam to distract me from the pain and then painkillers kicked in and I was able to sleep. Before I fell asleep I set my alarm at 7:55 (five mins before my dentist opened). I woke up feeling better like I have done the past three days, it seems my holes like to take the morning off from being in pain. I got an appointment at 10am so I slept for an extra half an hour and I had probably one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had. It involved being trapped in house with a 1 year old ish baby, and this baby he was mean. At point I was running away from him in the house and hiding trying to find reception so that I could call my mum for help. Also this baby could talk. Imagine the movie Boss Baby had a baby with a horror film.

Anyway dentist appointment went well, he cleared out my holes and filled them in with something (dunno what). I potentially had dry socket which is what I was fearing but he wasn’t sure and my lymph nodes were inflamed so I might have an infection. Lots of mights and maybes. He said some people recover next day and some don’t. So I guess I’m the latter. I asked when could I expect to feel better and he said in a week. I can survive another week.

One of Adam’s and mine favourite songs started to play on the radio when I was getting off the chair and so many feels. I feel like getting my wisdom teeth has left me in that phase right before your period where videos of rescued goats make you cry and laugh at the same time.

I have nearly finished editing a really cute video about zero waste bathroom products so I will let you guys know.



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