Monday blues with a side of wisdom teeth pain


Feeling ouchie. feeling sticky and with greasy hair but not enough energy to actually wash said hair. I am both blessed and cursed with very very think hair that means that washing it takes quite some time. Which is why three years ago I cut it all off and went for a very short pixie haircut, I felt liberated. However I was also bleaching it all sorts of crazy hair colours and the upkeep of bleaching roots and then re-dyeing was getting a bit much considering it was suppose to be something fun so last august was the last time I bleached my hair. I also started on my no poo journey (no shampoo) and it seemed counterproductive that I was trying to be more gentle and natural with my hair washing routine but then would apply bleach once a month. Also I had bleached hair for a very long time at this point and I thought it would be nice to see what my natural hair would look like and grow it out to a reasonable length to then cut it and donate to a charity that makes wigs for people with cancer. However I often fantasies about getting the electric razor out and just shaving everything off and being free. But I don’t because I know that it’ll be a decision based on stress and not a joyful one. 

So I am going to make some mash potato because I can’t handle anything else right now that requires any more chewing or cooking effort. I will try and get some admin done but I am going to prioritise my wellbeing because right now I am feeling rotten. Have you ever had a bad tooth pain? It feels like four bad tooth pains plus cuts and sore bits inside my mouth plus a sore throat from where they put the breathing tube plus a banging headache that Ive had nonstop since Thursday.  If anyone has any home remedies for headaches please send them my way. 

Hopefully next blog post I will be feeling more like myself. 

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