Plastic Free July is upon us – how to get started

Very excited about plastic free July. Just like with a lot of things sometimes we just need to take things one step at a time instead of putting so much pressure on ourself to committing to changing your lifestyle forever! That is why veganuary is such a success. Side note if you want to give veganism a go, for whatever reason, it could be animal welfare or maybe you found out that it can reduce your carbon footprint by 73% or maybe your interested because of all the health benefits, whatever it is don’t wait until January, all the resources are available all year around and if you’re a bit baffled on where to get started send me a message and I’ll help out as much as I can.

Click here for a blog post about World environment day and what you could do to make a positive change.

If you are venturing on zero waste then I recommend a you head over here to find out the possible pit fall we might have and how you can trouble shoot them. Finally I also did a blog post about the low impact challenge and all the links you need.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember that the key to zero waste is preparation and being kind to yourself.


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