World Environment Day

So you have probably come here because of my post on instagram! It is great that you are looking at your actions and looking for ways in which you can reduce your ecological footprint.

This is a follow on with links to get you started on your green path:

  • EAT MORE PLANTS – “researches at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from our diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by up to 73 percent.” The Independent 
  • SAY NO TO SINGLE USE – specially plastic! I made a little video on why the zero waste movement is important and another on how to get started.
  • CYCLING – Extract from my dissertation:
    Cycling is the answer to many things. According to the literature it is good for ones’ health, for the health of the community and it could have a significant impact on the health of our environment (Lovelace et al.,2011; Heinen, 2011; Pucher et al., 2010; Pucher & Buehler, 2008).

    Transport is responsible for 26% of global CO2emissions, with road transport accounting for 65% and it is amongst a small number of industrial sectors that are still growing (Chapman, 2007). Chapman (2007, p357) stresses the urgency in focusing in the present and creating short-term behavioural change and describes cycling as “real alternative” due to being “zero carbon”.

    Additionally, Tighter et al. (2011) state that in the UK 66% of trips are less than 5 miles which can be cycled in 30 minutes and 19% are less than a mile long which can take about 6 minutes to cycle, which is more reason for making cycling a viable transport option.

  • SHOP MORE CONSCIOUSLY – I wrote a whole blog post about why and how which you can find here.

Changing how we live our lives doesn’t normally change over night so focus on the things that you feel you can acchieve and use that good feeling from achieving those things to see what you can tackle next. Also it might seem difficult to always remember to carry bags and a water bottle with you but what I have found is that over time they become a habit like always taking my phone with me and its no longer work.


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