Hairy Diary Entry #4 – Hairless Birthday

Hairy Diary Entry #4

Friday 1 June

So it has been a while since I wrote in my hairy diary. Since my last entry of burning myself and then self tanning, I haven’t engaged in any other hair manipulation endeavours until today. My leg hair had grown to a considerable length but hadn’t quite reach it full capacity shall we say. At this length I have felt that I’m not too bothered by it  and forget that it’s there. This has made me realise to not be so hard on myself of previous times when I have tried to go out with a full moon hairy legs. It’s more about steps and slowly pushing my comfort zones further. I still for example don’t feel comfortable to go dancing and wave my arms in the air and consequently my armpit hair like I don’t care. And that’s ok, it doesn’t make me a person that loves their body any less, I simply still live in a society that doesn’t love my body for how it is and sometimes I don’t have the energy to be a salmon. Tomorrow is my birthday and I find birthdays and special occasions hard enough on their own ( a story for another day) so I decided to take the safety razor for spin! 

After having armpit hair and leg hair for quite a while I feel like my brain has been slowly reconditioned away from the glossy images of smooth ladies that are non stop advertised and are advertised in such a way that sends us the message: to have smooth legs = sexy and desirable and leg hair is such an awful thing that it can’t even be show so lets just show women shaving bits of body that are already hair free! ( I accidentally wrote awesome instead of awful to begin with! my brain really is learning to love leg hair!) Any way all these ramblings are to say that once I had removed the armpit hair, I felt and looked a bit off, not terrible or anything but my armpits just looked a little naked! I guess how it might look if I came home Adam my boyfriend had decided to shave his armpits. 

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