Nourishing Habits Journal

Journal Entry

Nourishing habits – I have replaced watching netflix with reading a fiction book and I have found this a healthy escapism that I feel recharges me. When my mental health is 100% gold I can watch telly during the day and not feel drained by it and also turn it off easily. However when I’m not quite 100% then it ties in with my negative inner beliefs which makes it difficult for me to do activities that I deem not productive and if I do I feel lazy and self indulgent and that leads to shame and oh the spiral continues. Hence stabilising healthier habits! Which I feel that lately I have been quite good at 🙂

Following on making healthy habits, I have realised that making lunch is a bit of a stressful thing to do for me and consequently I often when stress will make a not so great lunch, eat out or I feel like all Im doing in my day is thinking about making food, making food, eating it and then cleaning up. oh and shopping for lunch! Adam also has a better lunch when we have made pack lunches so we have made the conscious decision to make enough dinner so that there is left overs for next days lunch. 

It is now the next day & I find it a relief that I don’t have to think/worry about food. 

I was gifted One Year Wiser – An Illustrated Guide To Mindfulness by Mike Medaglia and I like to flick through it and I landed on a page that talked about simplifying:

Do not fear that if you simplify, you are not making the most of your life.

Not achieving enough.

That you are lazy or squandering your potential.

That if you are not broken and tired and wound up in mental knots at the end of your day, you are not doing it right.

There is no achievement that surpasses a single moment of mindfulness.

There is no success like being present with a clear mind and heart.

Really needed to read this.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

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