Overcoming fears and incorporating nourishing actives into our daily lives

10 May Thursday

When I was getting ready for the vegan market in Reading I made some new card designs, I ordered new biodegradable cellophane bags. So because I got my greetings card production ready I thought that after the market I would approach my local independent gift shop. The market came and went and I realised that it was a little daunting to approach shops but the only reason that I wasn’t doing it was out of fear. So after a lot of procrastinating I finally went with my folder of six designs. I was to be frank very inarticulate but I finally got my message across and I was told that the person that is in charge of ordering cards is on holiday. So out of my hands! I was relieved and proud of myself that I had done it, I hadn’t let my fear get in the way and I hadn’t made a complete embarrassment of myself! 

I then went to Shed to treat myself to a lovely hot chocolate whilst I worked on my bullet journal and my monthly goals. Feeling a lot more organised I then went to the park to read my book called Uncovering Happiness by Dr Elisha Goldstein (I originally found it in my library so yours might have it too!) which talked about writing out your day with what you do. So for example: wake up, check phone, browse phone, brush teeth, get showered, dress ….. all the way until you go to sleep and next to them write either a dash if the activity is neutral, a D for draining or a N for nourishing. This will allow you to see how your daily activities might be affecting your mood and then it goes on to talk about how to switch them more nourishing ones or adapting if they cant be completely switched. For example you might have to drive into work and you get stuck in traffic, the book suggests that this is a good time to incorporate an element of play by listening to music you like or listening to a podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to but never find the time. It also talks about not overwhelming ourselves so not trying to radically change everything all at once.

For me it was that I would wake up and go on my phone and sometimes watch half and episode on netflix to wake me up or scrolling through my instagram. I didn’t feel like this was nourishing me as it was more of a crutch. So I took advice from the book to leave my trainers by my bed with legging t-shirts and socks all ready to go and when Adam and me both got out of bed I put on my gym gear, I didn’t feel like going to the gym AT ALL but the book had said that even just putting on the gym shoes is a starting place so I tricked my mind in saying that it was ok to just leave the house with Adam and walk in the lovely sunrise light to the train station. After getting some air and walking done, going to the gym wasn’t that daunting. I did five mins on the bicycle and then used three different machines. It wasn’t very long but it has set me up nicely and I feel nourished and proud of myself for taking action over my wellbeing. 

Let me know of ways that you nourish yourself 🙂

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