Low impact 30 day challenge!

Low impact 30 day challenge!

I have been following Sustainably Vegan for a very long time, she has been an inspiration. An inspirational for zero Waste and also very informative but also an inspiration on a personal level in how vocal I am about environmental issues that I care about. Watching her on YouTube also gave me a big push to start my own YouTube channel which is something that I had wanted to do for a long while but was held back through being too shy! I asked on one of her videos on any tips to get started and feeling awkward and as ever she was super genuine and told me how she had felt super awkward to begin with but to just get started as practice is what will make the awkwardness diminish. If you want to check out my channel then please do 🙆 I promise I’ll get less awkward!

Anyway back to the real reason for my blog post which to say that I will be joining the low impact 30 day challenge. Which starts tomorrow!!

Below is the link for the info pack that she so kindly put together for free!

Click here!

Also the Instagram account for the low impact challenge link

I hope you join in on this really cool challenge! We never know what we are capable until we try.





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