11 year old Sara realises hairiness is not ok

At 11 years old I learned that just how my body was wasn’t good enough, I had to do things to it or face shame and ridicule.

Up until this point I hadn’t felt shame towards my own body hair. I knew that women shaved etc as its not as if I didn’t watch tv and saw women shaving invisible hair. However I had just thought of it as unnecessary and frankly quite scary. So I didn’t shave.

That is until I go on a school field trip in year 7, it was sunny and hot hence I wore shorts. So a group of girls decide to ask me why I don’t shave with a look on their face that is a mixture of quizzicalness and disgust. I told them that I used to shave but got cut so bad that it scared me off, not sure they bought it but in my head I thought this was better than telling the truth that I had never shaved and be labelled not normal. I guess with this lie I was saying that I tried to be normal but failed which was better than not trying at all?



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