Paula Stone Williams on inequalities

Paula Stone Williams on having lived as a man & now a woman.
Paula highlights the differences that she has encountered through having experienced the world as a man and the gender inequalities that she now encounters living as a woman. Not only is Paula educating in this TED talk but she is also witty and funny.

Whilst I watched the video that towards the end overall women applauded with gusto and so did some men but a lot didn’t..mmhh I feel like this says a lot. Highlighting the fact that a group of people have a privilege can often create feelings of defensiveness but it is important that even if we feel them we must overcome them to really hear what is being said and not just take it as a personal attack.

I also really liked that she highlighted in the end not only male privilege but also white and Cisgender privilege :

“What do they know that I’m clueless about? What do any of us really know about the shoes that we have never walked? It’s hard being a women, it’s hard being a transgender woman. As a man I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.”



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