THEY F*** YOU UP book – Nature vs Nurture

I have always been a firm believer that nurture has more of a say about who we are, what we do and why we do it than genetic predisposition. But the ratio between the two has interested me so when I see books on the topic, I always give them a parouse. Recently I stumbled across a book called THEY F*** YOU UP by Oliver James (a psychologist) and I started reading the first couple of pages and I didn’t want to stop! It is based heavily on research which is always good and its bibliography consists of 25 pages!

It talks about how we are raised has massive implications of our later lives and how this can be very empowering for ourself and society. For ourself because it means that we are not limited by preprogrammed traits, skills or lack of skills. And for society because it means that social change is possible. Which means that it is important to invest in schools, therapy and other areas such as prisons.

“90 per cent of people in prison are suffering from a mental illness, in most cases caused by their upbringing … if the childcare of the next generation could be improved, it would lead to a very substantial reduction in the amount of crime.”   

However even though there’s the data to prove it, governments fail to act on it.

“For a government that wants to improve the lot of its people, investing in the first years of life’s the best money it can spend. But tragically, both for children and for nations, these are the years that receive the least attention.”

I will keep you updated on how the book goes. Also let me know of any books you have enjoyed reading.

Zero waste side note –
I had spotted this book in the shop Foyles in waterloo and I took note of it because it interested me but I didn’t buy it because later that week my boyfriend and me had planned to go to waterstones near us to buy my christmas book. Waterstones didn’t have it, I thought about buying it second hand on amazon (but packaging etc) and then a couple of days ago I spotted it in oxfam books! The universe was showing me that I didn’t have to compromise my zero waste goals in order to get what I want!) 

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