My love for the bicycle – Parallels between riding a bicycle and life

My first memories of a bicycle are being very little and father Christmas/baby Jesus brought me a bicycle, in hindsight I now know this delivery was orchestrated by my mother and her gay best friend. I remember many wobbly attempts guided by my mum and the exhilarating moment you were let go off, a moment of indestructibility followed by a sudden fear which makes you doubt yourself and so you look back so as to ask for help and this leads to an inevitable tumble. Other kids had stabilisers so I petitioned for them and cycled around gleefully in circles in the basketball court with other kids.

Cycling well comes down to experience and confidence but at the very beginning confidence plays the bigger part. Confidence to know that as long as you keep peddling you will stay upright in this two wheeled contraction due the momentum and your weight being equally placed creating balance. After a while you build more experience and this experience leads to further building of confidence.

Cycling is a lot like life and obtaining goals. If we want to get to our destination we need to keep going, keep peddling, sometimes the weather is nicer and the terrain to your advantage and sometimes it isn’t but you’ve got to keep going. Alternative is getting of the metaphorical or literal bicycle and flopping to the ground whilst rain beats down on you and you just get wetter and wetter, don’t get me wrong its still an option and sometimes needed but regardless we still need to get back on that bicycle. And if you have ever gone on a bicycle ride you will know that the destination is not the most important part but every bit of the journey that leads to it, so you see how the bicycle is the best metaphor for life.

Enjoy the little goals, the big goals but also the failures and the little things like the feel of the wind in your hair or a passer-by helping you fix your puncture.


Link to lino and ink artwork featured at the top:  Lino and ink bicycle art

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  1. My first bike ride without stabilisers I came off into a curb as a child: 33 years later and I came off again working for deliveroo two weeks ago as a cycle courier fracturing my wrist, the challenges are greater and the painful feelings of loosing control too, hopefully we can learn to over come then as the challenges become greater too.


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